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The Fordonfilm Year End Awards Part 3: Best Supporting Actor

In a year featuring some truly outstanding performances, the best supporting actor award was difficult to dish out. To get it down to a top 3, I had to leave out two performances that easily deserved a place, and cut one film featuring three incredible supporting turns to just one selection. Just before I commence with the list, I’d like to mention two performances that were excellent; George Clooney in Gravity, a somewhat divisive performance that some felt was out of place, but I found to be a thoroughly charming performance that reminds everybody just how great Clooney can be; and Nick Frost in The World’s End, his best performance to date that was in turns likeable, amusing and quite moving, with far more depth than we’re used to. Without further ado then, here are the three selections for Fordonfilm’s Best Supporting Actor of 2013:


Colm Meaney – Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa


You rarely find awards worthy performances in straight up comedies, but Colm Meaney’s turn as the disturbed, bitter but ultimately sympathetic fired DJ Pat Farrell was a masterclass in subtlety. Though he could have easily been a clichĂ©, an aggressive belligerent psychopath, Meaney injects Pat with real pathos and melancholy, and his final scene on the pier has a sad quality that most big screen comedies wouldn’t dare to feature. Most wouldn’t mention Meaney’s performance as one of the best of the year, but it ranked for me as one of the most underrated turns of the year.


Reece Shearsmith – A Field in England

A Field in England 2

One of the most demented, intense performances of the year, Shearsmith’s cowardly Whitehead starts off as a rather normal Shearsmith character, who could have easily fitted in to the universe of Shearsmith’s previous projects Psychoville or The League of Gentlemen. However, by the time has been force fed hallucinogens by Michael Smiley’s satanic villain, Shearsmith transforms into one of the most terrifying characters in all of film. His demented grin, nonsensical screaming and physical acting is some of the best work Shearsmith has ever done, and I still believe this is worthy of a BIFA nomination.


Leonardo DiCaprio – Django Unchained

Django Unchained 2

Christoph Waltz may have won the Oscar for his turn in Django Unchained, and Samuel L. Jackson gave one of the best performances of his career, but it was always DiCaprio’s that seemed to be the most worthy. A nasty, bullying, man child, DiCaprio is a constant source of fear, the audience just waiting for him to snap. A scene at a dinner table, meanwhile, is a classic dialogue heavy Tarantino scene in which DiCaprio did some of the best work of his career. Usually so likeable, this was a new side of DiCaprio, a true villain, and the finest supporting turn of the year.

Thanks for reading, and join me next time for another Fordonfilm end of year award!

By Harry Ford


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