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The Steve Jobs trailer suggests Oscar nominations for Michael Fassbender, Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin

Was Steve Jobs tailor made for me?

Just days after I posted my top five favourite Michael Fassbender performances on this very blog, the first official trailer for Steve Jobs has been released to the world. The presence of Fassbender in a leading role is intriguign enough, but the talents behind the camera are equally outstanding. Directed by Danny Boyle (director of my all-time favourite film Trainspotting) and written by Aaron Sorkin (writer of my pick for best film of the last decade The Social Network), I can’t think of many better ways to make me instantly hyped for a new release.

Could this be a serious awards contender? The classy trailer suggests so; dramatic speeches, full-scale breakdowns, and a great cast including Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels, and Seth Rogen in a rare dramatic performance. While I’d be happy to see Danny Boyle gather a third Best Director nod (after 127 Hours and Slumdog Millionaire, for which he won the prize) and Aaron Sorkin to pick up yet another award, I really hope that Michael Fassbender gets his long deserved Best Actor nod. After his Best Supporting Actor nomination for 12 Years A Slave, it would be great to see him finally take home the big one.

By Harry Ford


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