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Game of Thrones casts Withnail himself, Richard E. Grant, in Game of Thrones Season 6

Even though Game of Thrones Season 5 was mostly naff, with too much focus on dull storylines (Cersei battling the church), awfully written characters (the Sand Snakes, by far the low point of Game of Thrones so far), and pure shock value (the infamous Sansa wedding night scene), it featured at least a few classic moments (the Battle of Hardhome, the final scene) to retain some goodwill. That goodwill continued with the first casting announcements for Season 6, including Ian McShane and Max Von Sydow in unnamed roles.

Now, in terrific news for fans of cult British comedies, Richard “We want the finest wines available to humanity” E. Grant has been cast in another unannounced role. Grant is a fantastic actor, whether comic or straight, and Game of Thrones can only improve with his addition. I only hope he gets at least one scene with Cersei Lannister, if only to see who demands to have the most booze.

Altogether now:

By Harry Ford


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