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The first Hail, Caesar! trailer shows the Coen Brothers at their screwball best

A new film from the Coen Brothers is always something to look forward to, and Hail, Caesar! is no exception. It feels like a long time since the Brothers’ last film, the terrific and moody Inside Llewyn Davis, but the first trailer for Hail, Caesar! was worth the wait. Featuring (as usual) a star studded ensemble cast, this tale of a kidnapped Hollywood star (played by George Clooney in full-on Ulysses mode) and the frantic studio head (Josh Brolin, usually so serious for the Coens) sent to find the ransom looks to be the first screwball comedy the Coen Brothers have directed since 2008’s Burn After Reading.

Though the script is sure to be packed full of zingers and the direction will be as precise as ever, the real excitement lies in the cast this time; some of Hollywood’s finest in roles perfectly suited to them. Just from the trailer, it’s clear that Ralph Fiennes is reaching the same level of camp theatricality as he did in The Grand Budapest Hotel, while Jonah Hill is at his bookish best (see: his Oscar nominated turn in Moneyball) and Scarlett Johansson is perhaps paying homage to Marilyn Monroe with her husky, sultry performance. Of course, one can’t forget George Clooney, always so prepared to make a foll out of himself for the Coens.

Hail, Caesar! is one of the can’t-miss films of next year, and after this terrific first trailer, I can’t wait for its release date.

By Harry Ford


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