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Henry Rollins finally gets his own star vehicle in the gory and hilarious He Never Died trailer

Ever since Liam Neeson revealed a particular set of skills in Taken, action cinema has taken great joy in letting actors of advanced age have a go at being badass killing machines. 60 year old Denzel Washington took on Russian mobsters in The Equaliser. 55 year old Sean Penn played a dangerous mercenary in The Gunman. Perhaps most famously, 51 year old Keanu Reeves became the most dangerous man in the world in the lively John Wick.

Providing a supernatural twist on the genre, He Never Died features 54 year old Henry Rollins as a dangerous man trying to find his kidnapped daughter. So far, so Bryan Mills. However, Rollins is a vigilante with a difference: he can’t die. The trailer, which shows Rollins getting stabbed, shot, and drinking a hell of a lot of blood, suggests He Never Died is going to be great fun, with lots of sick gore and blackly comic laughs. Be warned, however; the trailer also gives away a pretty massive bit of information about Rollins’ real identity.

After the cult success of John Wick, The Raid, and other interesting twists on the genre, there’s every chance that He Never Died is going to be the next big action sensation.

Check out the He Never Died trailer here:

By Harry Ford


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