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Robert Carlyle says Trainspotting 2 script is one of the best he’s ever read

Trainspotting 2 has been my most anticipated film of next year ever since it was first announced a few months back. In news that should reassure any doubters who think the sequel couldn’t possibly be as good as the first, Robert Carlyle recently told the NME that John Hodge’s screenplay is “one of the best scripts I’ve ever fucking read”. In the interview, Carlyle says of the script:

“Obviously these four characters are 20 years older now and I’ve never seen a sequel that takes place 20 years after the original, so I think that gives it a certain unique quality. And of course, the audience is 20 years older too – people who came to see the original film when they were in their early twenties are very different people now…I tell you, this film is going to be quite emotional for people. Because the film sort of tells you to think about yourself. You are going to be thinking: ‘Fuck. What have I done with my life?'”

It’s going to be a long year to wait for the sequel to be released.


By Harry Ford


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