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Louis CK is back with surprise Steve Buscemi-starring sitcom

Louie is one of the best and most innovative sitcoms of the last decade; a sad, surreal and totally hilarious look into the twisted mind of one of America’s best comedians, Louis CK. Sadly, CK recently revealed that the show is on hiatus and he has no immediate plans for bringing it back. All hope of another show as original and depressing as Louie seemed lost…

Until now. In something of a shock, CK has just released an hour-long episode of a new sitcom, Horace and Pete. Co-starring Steve Buscemi and Alan Alda, the series, revolving around a bar owner and the various barflies littering his establishment, the series sounds as morose and sharp as Louie. Available on Louis CK’s website for $5, I’ve not had chance to sample the sitcom yet, but I’ll be sure to post my thoughts when I eventually watch it. Fingers crossed for another depressing slice of life black comedy.


By Harry J. Ford


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