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The Don Hertzfeldt collection has arrived on Blu-Ray

As perhaps the biggest Don Hertzfeldt in the North of England, you can imagine the joy I felt when he first announced his Kickstarter to raise money for a blue-ray release of his feature-length masterpiece It’s Such A Beautiful Day, along with a collection of his shorts including the astounding World of Tomorrow and cult favourite Rejected. Though I sadly missed out on donating to the original fundraiser, I wasn’t missing out on my chance to buy my copy of some of the finest animations ever made.

Though the collection has a pretty steep asking price ($30 for US buyers, $43 dollars for non-US fans), it’s worth every penny to be able to see It’s Such A Beautiful Day and other gems in the finest picture format available, and the staunchly independent Hertzfeldt has crafted the blu-ray and is sending out every copy personally, so it only seems fair to give a little back to one of the finest animators of all time.

If you would like to buy your own copy of the Don Hertzfeldt collection while they are still available, you can buy one at this link:


By Harry J. Ford


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