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Longest film ever made releases new 7 hour trailer

As someone who generally struggles to get through any film that runs over three hours, you can imagine my reaction when I discovered the existence of Ambiancé, Swedish director Anders Weberg’s film due for release in 2020, which aims to set the new world record for longest film ever made at a staggering 30 days long, which I believe is only slightly longer than Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice feels.

The film will only be screened once around the world before being destroyed, but for those wanting a taste of the month-long epic, Weberg has just released a new “short trailer”, clocking in at 7 hours in length. If anyone does make it to the end, let me know whether it’s any good and how pretentious it is on a scale of 1 to Nicolas Winding Refn.

By Harry J. Ford


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