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Cinema Is Art: Paris, Texas (1984)

In Cinema Is Art, I pay tribute to some of the most beautifully shot films in history by selecting their very best looking frames.

For my money, Wim Wender’s haunting road trip Paris, Texas is the greatest looking film of all time. Almost every frame could be hung in a gallery or printed on a poster. The sad, beautiful story of a drifter (the incomparable Harry Dean Stanton) found wandering in the desert and set on a path of reconciliation with his brother (Dean Stockwell), young son (Hunter Carson), and estranged wife (Nastassja Kinski), Paris, Texas is a bona fide American classic, and the cinematography of Robby Muller is a huge reason for its masterpiece status.

Picking the best shots from the film was difficult, from the two and a half hour running time, I found sixty frames I thought deserved to be included. In the end, I got it down to just thirty of the most striking images you’ll see in all of cinema. Here are the thirty best shots from Wim Wenders’ sublime Paris, Texas:

PT 1

PT 2PT 3PT 6

PT 7PT 8

PT 11

PT 12PT 16PT 20PT 21PT 23

PT 24PT 25PT 28PT 29PT 31PT 33

PT 34PT 35PT 37PT 39PT 40PT 43

PT 44PT 46PT 47PT 48PT 49PT 50

By Harry J. Ford


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