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RIP Anton Yelchin

One of cinema’s most diverse and talented young actors, Anton Yelchin sadly passed away on the 19th June 2016 after a freak car accident. At just 27 years old, Yelchin had already amassed enough box office hits and fantastic performances to last a lifetime.

Making his debut in 2000 as a child actor, Yelchin appeared in a number of films, but it wasn’t until 2006 when he first started to turn heads for his excellent performance as a kidnapped teenager in Alpha Dog, as well as a starring role in 2007’s Charlie Barlett. It wasn’t long before Hollywood came calling, with starring roles in two of the biggest blockbusters of 2009: Terminator Salvation and Star Trek.

Yelchin didn’t always make great films, but he was always great in them. Terminator Salvation may not be remembered fondly by most audiences, but all agreed Yelchin was the best part of the film. Utilising his Russian background, his take on Chekov is perhaps the role he’ll be most fondly remembered for, and it’s only fitting that the upcoming Star Trek Beyond will be one of his last films.

Away from blockbusters, he was a frequent highlight in indie cinema. Whether starring in romantic dramas (Like Crazy), hipster vampire movies (Only Lovers Left Alive), or violent horrors (Green Room, my current pick for best film of 2016), he could always be depended on to give a fantastic performance. You were in good hands with an Anton Yelchin performance.

27 is too young for anyone to die, let alone a performer as gifted as Anton Yelchin. It’s sad to think of the decades of terrific films and performances we’ll never get to see from the wonderfully talented young man. However, his family, friends, and fans can take comfort in the fact that Yelchin made an impact on the film industry and had as good a career as anybody. Anton Yelchin was a joy to watch throughout his career, and his untimely death is a huge loss to cinema.


RIP Anton Yelchin     1989-2016

By Harry J. Ford

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