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Secret Blair Witch sequel announced at Comic-Con

Fans of 90’s found footage horrors – Rejoice! Adam Wingard, director of fantastic horror films You’re Next and The Guest, dropped a bombshell at Comic-Con last night when he revealed that his mysterious upcoming project ‘The Woods’ is in fact a sequel to cult 90’s horror The Blair Witch Project.

Fans of The Blair Witch Project (of which I am not one) may be nervous, given that the last Blair Witch Project sequel was one of the most infamously terrible films ever made. However, Wingard is one of horror’s most promising directors; You’re Next was a fun twist on the home invasion thriller, while The Guest was one of the most spectacularly entertaining, John Carpenter-riffing movies of 2014. If anyone can pull off a great sequel 17 years after the original’s release, it’s Adam Wingard.

Check out the trailer for Blair Witch here:

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