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Will this be the year’s most devastating film? Manchester-by-the-Sea releases first trailer

“This is a big, heartbreaking American movie, and it wrecked me like nothing I’ve seen in a very long while”

– The AV Club

“Extraordinary swirl of love, anger, tenderness and brittle humor”


“The movie is as meaningful as any we’re fortunate to get”

-Time Out

Since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, I have been hotly anticipating Kenneth Lonergan’s latest film Manchester-by-the-Sea. One of the 21st century’s least prolific directors, Lonergan has only released two films since the millenium; 2000’s You Can Count On Me (which gave Mark Ruffalo his breakthrough) and 2012’s long-gestating Margaret (one of the boldest stories ever told). Finally, his third film is here, and since January, critics have been fighting it out to be the first to declare it a masterpiece.

Now, the first trailer for Manchester-by-the-Sea, the emotional story of a lonely janitor (Casey Affleck) forced to return to his hometown and become the guardian to his nephew, has been released, and it looks as shattering as the critics told us it would be. Having read the original screenplay back when it made the Blacklist two years ago, I can confirm that Manchester-by-the-Sea is going to be one of the most devastating films released all year. Hotly tipped for the Oscar nominations, it’s going to be a long wait until the film’s UK release in January.

By Harry J. Ford


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