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Could Logan be the best Marvel film in years?

I’m about to say the five most controversial words any film fan could possibly say:

I’m not a Marvel fan.

Like most people, I loved superheroes when I was younger; Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy were some of my earliest cinema visits, and I must have seen Bryan Singer’s first X-Men movie a dozen times at least. Somewhere along the way, however, I fell out of love with what is now most commonly known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I didn’t mind The Avengers, but I never really got into Captain America or Thor. Even Iron Man began to have diminishing returns. In the last four years, only two Marvel films have stood out to me. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a solid thriller despite becoming a generic sky battle at the end, while Guardians of the Galaxy was a fun sci-fi adventure…despite becoming a generic sky battle at the end (if you’re annoyed because I haven’t mentioned Civil War; I haven’t seen it, and probably won’t until I have nothing better to do).

Even away from the MCU, Marvel hasn’t been particularly inspiring. Rebooting Spider-Man was a solid idea ruined by disappointing execution; not even the terrific Andrew Garfield could save them. Many people continued to love the X-Men series, but rebooting the series with younger stars never really worked for me. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are both terrific actors but unlike their older selves, Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian , they never seemed to be having any fun.

Only one Marvel character has stayed consistently entertaining, from his big screen debut in 2000 to now: Hugh Jackman’s magnificent Wolverine. Sure, his two solo films weren’t great (particularly the dreadful X-Men Origins: Wolverine), but Jackman never stopped having fun as the quippy, snarky, sideburn-sporting psychopath. 

With the release of the first trailer for the upcoming Wolverine film Logan, it looks like Jackman is finally getting the solo film he deserves. Set to the tune of Johnny Cash’s phenomenal cover of Hurt, Logan looks like a moody, mysterious western infused with comic book sensibilities. Playing a gruffer, rougher Wolverine, Jackman could give one of his finest performances in a story that looks like the Marvel equivalent of Unforgiven. With Stephen Merchant playing a villain and Patrick Stewart returning as Professor X, could Logan be the best Marvel film in quite some time?

Find out in March 2017 when it’s released into cinemas.

By Harry J. Ford


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