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RIP Carrie Fisher

In very sad news, beloved actress and writer Carrie Fisher has died at the age of 60. The actress, best known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars saga, suffered a major heart attack just a few days ago.

Making her debut in the cult 1975 film Shampoo, Fisher shot to stardom with her performance in the first Star Wars film, a role she would reprise decades later in The Force Awakens. Away from the sci-fi series, Fisher starred in some of the most critically and commercially successful films of the eighties and nineties, including Woody Allen’s Oscar-winning Hannah and her Sisters, and the classic romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally.

Though her acting work slowed down towards the end of the nineties, she kept busy as a script doctor, contributing to the screenplays of films as diverse as The Wedding Singer, Scream 3, and the Star Wars prequels. Away from Hollywood, she wrote a best-selling memoir and performed a successful one-woman play based on her life. After appearing in the box-office crushing The Force Awakens, Fisher was due to appear in the next Star Wars film. Her untimely death will be sadly felt in a galaxy far, far away.

RIP Carrie Fisher 

1956 – 2016


By Harry J. Ford


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  1. I can’t believe it, so sad. May she rest in peace.

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