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The Ford On Film Awards 2016: Best Supporting Actress & Best Supporting Actor

Following on from yesterday’s Best Film picks, here are my choices for the best supporting performances of 2016. First up, the award for Best Supporting Actress:

Honourable Mentions:

Bebe Cave “Violet – Tale of Tales

Jena Malone “Ruby – The Neon Demon”

Imogen Poots “Amber – Green Room”



Lucy Boynton “Raphina – Sing Street”

Though marketed as a musical comedy, Sing Street had a lot of sadness at its heart, courtesy of Lucy Boynton’s lonely wannabe-model. Sparky and sharp but always in danger of showing her vulnerable side, Boynton’s performance underlined the music with just the right amount of melancholy.



Riley Keough “Krystal – American Honey

The closest thing to a villain in Andrea Arnold’s indefinable American Honey was Riley Keough’s spiteful, domineering ‘mag crew’ boss Krystal. Though only glimpsed a few times throughout the film (most memorably taunting Sasha Lane’s Star whilst getting a massage), Keough left a big impression, her powerful shadow looming over the rest of the film.



Golshifteh Farahani “Laura – Paterson

The year’s most adorable performance? Undoubtedly. Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani is best known for her emotional performance in About Elly; Paterson offers a complete change in her style, swapping powerful drama for manic energy and devotion. Quirky it may be, but very few people could say Farahani’s performance didn’t raise a warm smile.



Avin Manshadi “Dorsa – Under the Shadow

Giving a performance as good as Avin Manshadi’s in Under the Shadow is impressive, but giving a great performance at just 5 years old is remarkable. Making the threat of ghosts and spirits seem genuinely dangerous , Manshadi’s performance elevated the drama and fear of Babak Anvari’s Iran-set horror, and was a deserving winner of the BIFA for Best Supporting Actress. Speaking of BIFA winners…



Hayley Squires “Katie Morgan – I, Daniel Blake”

No performance in 2016 moved me like Hayley Squires’ staggering portrayal of a single Mum on benefits in Ken Loach’s powerful I, Daniel Blake. Creating a feisty, intelligent character struggling to keep her dignity in the face of not being able to feed her children, Squires is incredible, capably sharing the spotlight with star David Johns. Her breakdown at a food bank is almost unbearably sad.

Congratulations to newcomer Hayley Squires for her deserving Best Supporting Actress win. Now, let’s move on to my award for Best Supporting Actor:

Honourable Mentions:

Luke Evans “Richard Wilder – High-Rise

Sir Patrick Stewart “Darcy Bunker – Green Room”

Jeff Bridges “Marcus Hamilton – Hell or High Water”

Michael Shannon “Lt. Bobby Andes – Nocturnal Animals



Toby Jones “King of Highhills – Tale of Tales

One of Britain’s greatest acting talents, Toby Jones rarely gets the acting roles he deserves, but when he does, he makes sure his performance is unforgettable. Playing a mad king obsessed with a giant flea in the often baffling Tale of Tales, Jones gave a strange, utterly-committed performance that stole the show from big name stars Salma Hayek and Vincent Cassel.



Tom Bennett “Sir James Martin – Love & Friendship”

Whit Stillman’s Jane Austen-adaptation Love & Friendship may have been carried by the sharp tongue of Kate Beckinsale, but the film’s biggest laughs were courtesy of Tom Bennett’s well-meaning but foolish Sir James. Whether discussing ‘the twelve commandments’ or discovering peas for the first time, Bennett gave the second funniest performance of the year…



Ralph Fiennes “Harry Hawkes – A Bigger Splash”

…but the single funniest performance of 2016 was Ralph Fiennes as the cocaine-loving, dance-crazed record producer in Luca Guadagnino’s exotic black comedy thriller A Bigger Splash. His monologue about working with the Rolling Stones and loose-limbed dance to ‘Emotional Rescue’ may have been his most memorable moment, but it was his darker moments with ex-lover Tilda Swinton and daughter Dakota Johnson that really added to the disturbing atmosphere of the film.



Jack Reynor “Brendan Lawlor – Sing Street”

It’s been a while since Jack Reynor has been given a role as worthy of his talents as the remarkable What Richard Did, so it was nice to be reminded of his tremendous acting ability in Sing Street. Most of the film was content to allow Reynor to have the odd sharp line and withering putdown as the weed-smoking older brother of the film’s wannabe popstar; when he finally dropped the jokesfor an epic rant about his failures in life (“I was a fucking jet engine!”), it was one of the most powerful film moments of 2016.

Nocturnal Animals 3.jpg


Aaron Taylor-Johnson “Ray Marcus – Nocturnal Animals

Did anyone imagine Aaron Taylor-Johnson giving a performance as perfectly menacing as his turn in Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals? Going toe-to-toe with heavyweights Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Shannon is no easy feat, but Taylor-Johnson stole the film from both, injecting sleaze and unpredictable violence into his criminal hillbilly, turning what could have been a cliché into a terrifying villain. Nocturnal Animals didn’t quite cohere into a great film, but Taylor Johnson’s performance was absolute stunning.

Join me for tomorrow for my Best Actress and Best Actor awards!

By Harry J. Ford

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