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Edgar Wright is back with the trailer for Baby Driver

It’s been nearly four years since Edgar Wright’s last film, the brilliant Cornetto Trilogy-closer The World’s End, and in that time, it feels like there’s been a serious lack of genuinely cool, genuinely thrilling action films. Until now.

That’s Wright, Edgar’s back with his long-awaited passion project Baby Driver. The story of a getaway driver who lives to the beat of his own personal playlist, early reviews are promising a mixure of Fast and Furious car mayhem with the rhythm and energy of a Busby Berkeley musical. With evil Kevin Spacey, deranged Jamie Foxx, and slick Jon Hamm in supporting roles, and charismatic leading roles from Ansel Elgort and Lily James, Baby Driver looks as fantastically stylish as Wright’s previous filmography. Is Baby Driver going to be your new favourite film?

I hope so.

By Harry J. Ford

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