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Sunday Short: Real Gods Require Blood (2017)

There’s something thrilling about discovering a new voice or an undiscovered talent in short films, especially when it’s a homegrown, BFI-funded effort. Scripted by novelist Tom Benn and directed by Moin Hussain, Real Gods Require Blood is an interesting, deeply disturbing take on an old favourite: the Satanic Horror.

Set in Manchester in 1990 (at the height of the moral panic surrounding satanic abuse), Real Gods Require Blood depicts recovering addict Alice (Anna Berentzen), who reluctantly agrees to watch out for her troublesome neighbour’s children “for an hour or two”, only to find herself trapped in a home filled with eerie sights and tormented children who receive a visit from ‘Bells-A-Buss’ every evening. Gruesome polaroid pictures and a locked box offer hints at what is going in this household, but whatever happens, things don’t look good for Alice or the children.

Kitchen sink horror is a rarity, but director Hussain uses the 4:3 aspect ratio and claustrophobic, dingy flat to give us a sense of a realism and poverty before ramping up the horrific elements. It’s a slow burner at 19 minutes, but the climax is worth it; a truly chilling vision that recalls the wide-eyed terror of Rosemary’s Baby and the repulsive sadism of Audition. Both screenwriter Benn and director Hussain are talents to watch.

Watch Real Gods Require Blood here:

By Harry J. Ford


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