Ford On Film

Chronicles of a silver screen addict


Ford On Film is a blog created and curated by Harry J. Ford, dedicated to reviews, news, lists, articles, and previews from the world of film. Started in 2013, Ford On Film used to focus almost entirely on horror films, but slowly began to move away from the genre  and include a broader range of films and features, including Modern Masterpieces (which critiques some of the best films of the 21st century), The Best Films You’ve Never Seen (recommending hidden gems), and The Ford Five (top five lists on topics including best scenes and best directors). By mid-2015, Ford On Film was reviewing films of all genres and decades, as well as previewing highly anticipated films and sharing breaking news about the silver screen.

Harry J. Ford is an amateur film critic and aspiring filmmaker based in the North of England. He first became interested in film after seeing Pulp Fiction as a teenager, and he’s been addicted to movies ever since. His favourite film is Trainspotting, which lead to him writing his most viewed article, Why Trainspotting Is The Greatest Film Of All Time.


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