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Cult Horror Corner: Hatchet

Directed in 2006 by Adam Green, who went on to direct underrated ski lift horror Frozen, Hatchet is a vaguely postmodern horror about Mardi Gras partying friends Ben (Joel Moore) and Marcus (Deon Richmond), who leave their drunken friends to join a ‘haunted swamp’ themed boat tour. The tour includes a clueless guide (Parry Shen), …

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Cult Horror Corner: A Serbian Film

Controversy has been at the heart of many films since the birth of cinema. From the religious backlash against The Passion of the Christ, to the censored nastiness of The Human Centipede: Full Sequence and Irreversible, many films, have seemed to be controversial from the start, and usually live up to the notoriety. When A …

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Cult Horror Corner: My Little Eye

The breakthrough feature of Welsh director Marc Evans, whose later features include the 2004 Colin Firth psychological thriller Trauma, 2002’s My Little Eye is a low budget horror that mixes found footage scares with a slow building, creepy atmosphere that leads to an all out ending. Co-written by James Watkins, who later achieved success with …

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Cult Horror Corner: Ginger Snaps

It is often said that werewolf films are only about the effects; a long build up to the transformation, and not a lot in between. This is sadly often the case (how many genuinely great werewolf films are there? Are you struggling after An American Werewolf in London as well?), so it surprising to say …

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Cult Horror Corner: Dead Snow

It’s always a shame when films with a fun-sounding concept like Tommy Wirkola’s Dead Snow turns out to be utter rubbish. Sadly, that is exactly what we have here; a jumbled mess of a horror comedy that disposes of big scares and funny jokes for slapstick gore and…more slapstick gore The basic plot revolves around …

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Cult Horror Corner: The Stendhal Syndrome

The fundamental problem with The Stendhal Syndrome is that Dario Argento is just too juvenile a director to tackle a subject as serious and controversial as rape. I’m not using the word juvenile as an insult here; simply, that Argento is known for big, extravagant set pieces, gore, and beautiful woman, not serious issues done …

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Cult Horror Corner: Inferno

Dario Argento has long since been recognised as one of the greatest horror directors of all time. While his output from the late 80’s up to the present has been somewhat disappointing (his best, 1985’s Phenomena, was a fun but rather strange effort), in the seventies and early 80’s, Argento really was the man to …

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Cult Horror Corner: Possession

Andrzej Zulawski’s Possession may hold the award for most intense horror film ever made. Never before has a film featured so much screaming, self mutilation and sheer anger as this 1981 European shocker. That is, if you can even call it a horror. It’s incredibly difficult to even label Possession, as it is simply so …

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