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Great scenes from horror history #4: The ending of The Wicker Man

For number four of my ongoing feature, I wanted to tackle a “big” scene from the horror archives. So far I have covered classic films, but not necessarily the most obvious choices for classic scenes. Hence, my fourth great scene from horror history is one that just about every fan of the genre can agree …

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Great scenes from horror history #3: The ear cutting scene from Reservoir Dogs

The great thing about this feature is that there are many scenes that fit the criteria of classic horror, and yet don’t actually come from a horror film. As it continues, I’m sure there will be many more examples, but for my third great scene from horror history, I decided to pick one of the …

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Great scenes from horror history #2: The pool scene from Let the Right One In

Hello, and welcome to another edition of the greatest scenes in horror history. In my first edition, I discussed the 1969 giallo masterpiece The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, For my second, I decided to tackle what many horror fans consider to be a modern masterpiece. Taking a realistic, bleak approach to the vampire myth, …

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Great scenes from horror history #1: The opening scene of The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

In this regular feature, I’m going to be looking at classic scenes from horror history. I plan on including everything from mainstream hits to cult favourites to foreign shockers and forgotten favourites. Don’t think films won’t be included due to lack of quality either; plenty of terrible films have at least one moment that is …

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