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The Ford Five: Freakiest Female Friendships in Film

Who doesn’t love alliteration? There’s something to be said for the way female friendships are portrayed in film (especially by male directors). While many platonic female relationships have been about empowerment (Thelma and Louise) or supporting each other through hard times (Steel Magnolias), a huge majority of films have portrayed female friendships in a more …

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The Ford Five: Philip Seymour Hoffman Scenes

It has been two long, difficult years since the untimely death of the greatest actor of the 21st century, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Hoffman was a towering screen presence. In his early years, he stole the show in every single supporting role he could, from dark indies like Happiness to big budget ensembles like Magnolia. Halfway through …

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The Ford Five: Best Michael Fassbender Performances

Every chance I get, I sing the praises of Michael Fassbender. One of the greatest actors around today, Fassbender has amassed an incredible and diverse filmography in just eight years. From blockbusters like breakthrough film 300 and the X-Men series to Oscar-winning drama, Fassbender has proven time and time again that he can pull off …

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The Ford Five: Best Films of 2014 (So Far)

We’re past the halfway point of the year now, so it only seems fitting to rank my favourite films of the year so far. Some of the choices are obvious, perhaps, but I hope at least one of the films is one you hadn’t considered and will seek out. 2014 has given us some excellent …

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The Ford Five: Dario Argento Films

Those who have followed the blog since the beginning know that I am, and always have been, a huge fan of Dario Argento. Though most of his work since the early nineties has been either disappointing, unpleasant or downright awful, his work in the seventies and eighties has done more than enough to ensure that …

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The Ford Fifteen: Weirdest Films I’ve Seen

For one time only (hopefully), the Ford Five has been expanded to fifteen. Why? Because this is a countdown of the weirdest films I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen too many to fit into a list of five (even fifteen was a struggle!). There’s a long list of criteria for a film being weird; a …

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The Ford Five: Best Torture Films

Being a fan and reviewer of horror films, it’s a certainty that I will stumble across films more commonly referred to as ‘torture porn’. However, in some cases, this label has struck me as being incredibly derogatory. First used to describe Eli Roth’s mediocre 2005 flick Hostel, torture porn is generally used for a film …

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The Ford Five: Best David Cronenberg Films

In this new regular feature, I’m simply going to be counting down my top 5 of various topics, from directors’ works to genre favourites and award winners. To start the new feature, I thought I’d tackle the work of one of my all time favourite directors and maker of some of the greatest horror films …

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