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Remembering Robby Müller with his ten greatest shots

In sad news, cinematographer Robby Müller passed away on Wednesday 4th July. For those who don’t know, Müller was perhaps the defining cinematographer of 80s and 90s independent cinema. Initially known for his work with Wim Wenders, including perhaps the most gorgeous film of all time Paris, Texas, Müller would go on to frequently collaborate with Jim Jarmusch and Lars Von Trier among many others.

Whether working with neon colours or stark black and white, crisp film stock or emerging digital cameras, Müller was among the greatest cinematographers of all time. What better way to remember him and his work then selecting just ten of his finest shots:

Repo Man

Repo Man (1994)

PT 2

Paris, Texas (1984)

PT 49

Paris, Texas (1984)

PT 43

Paris, Texas (1984)

Down by Law

Down By Law (1986)


Barfly (1987)

Mystery Train

Mystery Train (1989)

Dead Man

Dead Man (1995)

Breaking the waves

Breaking the Waves (1996)

Ghost Dog

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999)

Robby Muller

RIP Robby Müller (1940 – 2018)

By Harry J. Ford


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